Arnold Friberg

Artist Arnold Friberg graduated from the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts in 1935.  In 1953, Cecil B. DeMille, after searching worldwide for a powerful Biblical artist, was shown Friberg's religious series then in progress.   In 1957-58, Friberg's monumental 15 paintings series for "The Ten Commandments" toured the world, and in 1970 was part of DeMille's exhibit honoring the 100th year of Hollywood, an exhibit seen by more than one million viewers.  In 1958, Arnold Friberg was made a lifetime member by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), London, in recognition of his contribution to mankind through his work.  Over a period of 42 years (1937-79), Friberg painted close to 300 representative "Mountie" images for the Northwest Paper Company. In 1978, the Friends of the Force, an affiliation of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, commissioned Arnold Friberg to paint a lifesize portrait of His Royal Highness Prince Charles with the splendid royal mount Centennial. The Friends of the Force were so pleased, they commissioned Mr. Friberg to paint a large royal equestrian portrait of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II mounted on Centennial, in the palace garden at Buckingham.  Other works of Arnold Friberg include: A series of 12 religious paintings commissioned by Mrs. Adele Cannon Howells; a 1969 series for General Motors depicting 100 years of American intercollegiate football; and a great number of highly prized historical paintings of the old American west. One favorite Friberg painting is the large, superb, "The Prayer at Valley Forge," commissioned for the 1976 Bicentennial celebration.  Arnold Friberg has been honored by his fellow artists and has been given tribute in western heritage art shows, most recently in 1991. Arnold Friberg has rightly earned his place as one of the enduring masters of our time.

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