Morton Kunstler

Known for his Civil War genre paintings, Mort Kunstler studied art at Brooklyn College, U.C.L.A., and Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. He became a successful illustrator in New York and received assignments including numerous book and magazine publishers. He was affiliated with the National Geographic Magazine, and through their assignments of historical subject matter, learned the value of accuracy by working with historians. He also did illustrations for The Saturday Evening Post, Newsweek, and Argosy. In the early 1970s, his work began attracting the attention of collectors. His first paintings were primarily Western subject matter, and from 1977 he has had nine one-man shows at the Hammer Gallery in New York City. In 1982, he had a commission from CBS to do a painting for the television mini series "Blue and Gray," and this activity directed his attention to the Civil War. A painting, "The High Water Mark," was very correct in its details and was unveiled on July 2, 1988 at the Gettysburg National Military Park in celebration of the anniversary of the battle. He has also completed an official U.S. postal stamp commemorating the Buffalo Soldiers during the Civil War.

             Title- The Prisoner

                Medium- Watercolor on Board

   Signed- Lower Left

     Size- 16"x 18"

Price- $6,250.