Herbert Morton Stoops

(1888-1948) Herbert Morton Stoops was born in 1888 in Logan City, Utah. His father, a Mormon clergyman, was from Pennsylvania and his mother was from Ohio. Yellowstone Park is seventy miles north of Logan City. Stoops was sent to Utah State College, where he took art classes and graduated in 1905 at the age of 18.  Stoops worked for a local newspaper, but soon moved to San Francisco, where he worked as a staff artist for The San Francisco Chronicle in 1910. He later worked for the San Francisco Examiner. In 1914 he moved to Chicago to study at the Art Institute, while working as a staff artist for The Chicago Tribune. During the Great War, Stoops served in France as a first lieutenant.  During the 1920s, Stoops illustrated interior stories for Colliers, Liberty, Cosmopolitan, McCalls, and Ladies Home Journal. He painted his first magazine covers for The American Legion Magazine. In 1935, Stoops began to paint covers for the most prestigious and literary pulp magazine, Blue Book.  Some of his interior illustrations for Blue Book are signed with an assumed name that reflects his WWI experiences in France,"Jeremy Cannon."

(Label on the back from Cowboy Hall of Fame)

              Title- The Doll House

       Medium- Oil On Canvas

     Size- 28"x 36"

                         Exposure- Cosmopolitan August 1924

Price- $7,500.